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Kelly puts herself in danger in Corrie after Aadi misses her call for help

And what will happen when she meets Stu?

After meeting up with Amy in the cafe, Kelly nicks her phone and when Tracy confronts Kelly, accusing her of stealing Amy's phone, Imran sticks up for Kelly. But when Amy’s phone rings in her bag, Kelly’s banged to rights.

Meanwhile, Aadi tells Dev that he’s willing to come home on the condition that Kelly moves in with them. Calling at Kelly's accommodation, Imran and Aadi find her stuff gone!

Lonely and frightened, Kelly beds down in a shop doorway for the night and when her phone rings with a call from Imran, she goes to answer it but her battery dies.

Entering a hotel, Kelly plugs her phone into a socket in the foyer but the hotel receptionist approaches, demanding to know which room she’s staying in.

Another guest, Alan, comes to her rescue and tells her she’s welcome to knock on his bedroom door any time. Hurrying out of the hotel, Kelly returns to the shop doorway only to find what few things she had have been stolen.

At No.7, Dev and Asha persuade a reluctant Aadi to join them for lunch, unaware that Kelly is desperately trying to call him. With no other option, Kelly returns to the hotel and knocks on Alan’s bedroom door.

After calling Aadi, he assures her that she's welcome to stay at No.7 but as Kelly approaches she’s devastated to overhear Asha telling Aadi that she’s not welcome on the street.

But Aadi's suspicious when Kelly calls him to make out there’s been a change of plan and she’s staying at her Mum’s and Toyah and Imran are relieved when Aadi tells them where Kelly is.

When Stu comes across Kelly scavenging for food, he offers to show her where she can get a decent meal for free. But after Stu reveals his part in nailing Corey for Seb’s murder, Kelly gives nothing away.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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