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Kevin discovers that Imran is Alfie's father in Corrie

How will he react? And will he tell Toyah?

Heading off to see Abi, Imran promises Toyah he’ll be back soon to look at wedding venues. But when Toyah reveals she’s postponed the search as Abi’s hearing is more important, Imran and Abi exchange guilty looks.

As Toyah arrives at the courtroom to show her support, both Imran and Abi are awash with guilt and the local authority solicitor lists a host of reasons proving Abi to be an unfit mother and why Alfie should be taken into care.

Pleading Abi's case, Imran does everything in his power to convince the Judge that Abi has changed. Will the verdict go Abi’s way?

When Toyah suggests to Imran that he’s done all he can for Abi and it’s time to step back and concentrate on Elsie’s adoption hearing, he covers his turmoil while Abi's furious.

Despite Abi banning him from seeing Alfie, Imran declares he’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means putting his name on the birth certificate. Is it time for Imran to come clean?

After telling a pleased Toyah that he has set Abi up with a solicitor free of charge, Imran secretly heads off with Abi to register Alfie's birth. But when Toyah bumps into Abi carrying a package and acting strangely, she assumes that she's back on drugs and warns Kevin.

As Kevin hunts for the package, whilst Abi is making tea, he discovers the birth certificate stating Imran is the father. How will he react?

Later, Toyah and Imran sit down with the social worker to discuss adopting Elsie. But is Imran’s world about to implode?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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