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Kevin loses his temper in Corrie after Jack admits not wanting Abi to move back in

What will he tell Abi?

With Kevin wanting to attend Jack’s end-of-year presentation, Tyrone says that Stephen’s Jag needs sorting first. Meanwhile, at school, Jack is being bullied and called ‘Spanner’ for having two dads who are mechanics.

In the garage, Kevin takes a call from school and heads out with a face like thunder, shocked that Jack punched Nathan. Jack explains how Nathan ridiculed him having found out that Tyrone initially thought he was his dad.

At No.13, Jack rows with Kevin and admits that he’s not looking forward to Abi’s return as he barely has any time for him as it is.

When social worker Chloe visits Kevin to question him about Abi and Alfie, Jack is sullen as Kevin tries to impress her.

Realising that Kevin’s got a lot on his plate, Aaron offers to take over the work on Stephen’s car. But when Stephen picks up his car, he's soon back shouting the odds as the car breaks down. Taking a call, Aaron rushes off and Kevin is left to deal with Stephen.

As Kevin sets about fixing Stephen’s car, he misses calls from Jack, and then Abi.

As Stephen threatens to take his business elsewhere, the pressure finally gets to Kevin and he loses his temper, picks up a wrench and starts smashing up Stephen’s car.

Calling at No.13, Abi flings her arms around Kevin and he masks his anxiety when she tells him how much she’s looking forward to moving back home tomorrow.

The next day, preparing for Abi’s homecoming, Kevin is shocked to come face-to-face with two police officers at the door. Can Kevin keep what happened from Abi?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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