Kevin Lygo Discusses ITV at the Edinburgh TV Festival

Hosted by Sarah-Jane Mee, this year's ITV controller session at the Edinburgh TV Festival saw her speak to ITV's Kevin Lygo and ITV Digital's Paul Mortimer.

After a successful year across the ITV portfolio, they discussed the importance of the soaps, the future of I'm A Celebrity and of course Love Island.

Speaking about his stand out show of the year, Kevin Lygo picked out The Queen's Green Planet which saw David Attenborough come to ITV to spend time with the Queen. Whilst his personal favourite show of the last 12 months was The Real Full Monty which he described as "vulgarity with purpose" and "joyous and fun".

During a discussion abiout the effect Piers Morgan has had on Good Morning Britain, helping turn it into the show that it should be and needs to be, he admitted that Piers' standalone interview with Donald Tr