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Kevin waits for Abi at the wedding venue in Corrie as Nina delivers some BIG news about Corey

But will Abi show? And is time finally up for Corey?

After Nina tells Abi that they found Corey’s blood-stained clothes and handed them into the police, Stu feigns ignorance as Corey demands he hand over the contents of the backpack.

Jack confides in Debbie that he's worried Abi is out to kill Cory and when Abi returns home, they confront her. Showing her the letter, Debbie demands an explanation and Abi begs them to not breathe a word to Kevin.

Debbie gives Abi an ultimatum, walk away from Kevin and her wedding, or she’ll tell him all about the gun and the letter! Abi assures Debbie that she’s going to tell Kevin the truth and then she’ll be out of their lives.

When Kevin returns home to find Abi packing her bags, she explains how she stole his money and bought a gun, intent on killing Corey until Nina talked her out of it.

Later, finding Abi in Seb's memorial, Kevin tells her how much he loves her and begs her to meet him at the hotel where he’ll be waiting to marry her. What will she decide to do?

Whilst Kevin and Jack wait at the wedding venue, they're suddenly interrupted by Nina who reveals that she's had a call from DS Swain. They're reopening the case and going to arrest Corey.

As Corey and Stefan hide out in a rented house, Stefan reveals he has a plan and heads out to call Eli’s Dad.

After persuading Gary to help her track down Corey and Stefan, Abi suggests they track down Eli’s Dad as Stefan may well have gone to him for help. Setting off for Stefan’s office in search of Christian, will Gary find him in time?

Meanwhile, Stefan orders Corey to pack his things as Christian is on his way with a van and some cash. As Christian pulls up at the house in his van, Stefan and Corey climb in the back.

In the back of the van, Stefan explains to Corey his plan for them to leave the country where he can start a new life with a foreign club. Corey’s pathetically grateful, but suddenly the van draws to a halt. Will Corey get away or is the game up?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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