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Kheerat angers Nish in EastEnders by revealing the truth

How will Ash and Vinny react when Kheerat tells them why Nish was in prison?

As Kheerat struggles to remain civil with Nish, things are tense at the Panesar's and whilst Vinny supports his dad, Nish is disappointed when Ash and Kheerat fail to show up for a family lunch.

Opening up to Stacey about his dad, Kheerat reveals he killed someone who got too close to Suki. As Nish tries to settle himself back into the family businesses, a run of awkward incidents leads to a confrontation with Kheerat. Alone, Nish collapses on the floor.

When Nina puts pressure on Ravi to push on with their plan, it's clear that Ravi is more concerned about Nish and wants everyone to know he’s his dad.

After receiving a worrying call from Ash to say that Nish has collapsed, Nina arrives to find Ash tending to Nish.

As Ravi gets too close to Nish, Nina panics and leaves Ash alone with Nish who shares some touching words with his daughter.

Fuming after his run-in with Nish, Kheerat's day gets worse when he realises that Stacey knew about Suki and Eve and also about his father. Feeling betrayed, Kheerat leaves and is despondent to find Nish has now also won Ash round.

When Stacey encourages Lily to make up with Amy, Lily gives her mum a reality check about her situation with Kheerat and Stacey later decides to confront Kheerat.

Back home, Kheerat makes a huge decision and tells Vinny and Ash why their dad was really in prison.

When Vinny and Ash confront their dad about what Kheerat has told them, Nish is silently fuming.

Sensing Kheerat's stress about Nish, Jean invites the family and Nish to a games night, with Nish seeing it as an opportunity to build bridges. But later at the Slater's, Kheerat seethes at his dad.

Meanwhile, Nina tells Ravi she’s reporting Ranveer as missing as declaring him dead is the only way to get his money.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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