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Kheerat fights Ravi after he tries to kiss Stacey in EastEnders

What exactly is Ravi playing at?

In the café, Nish announces to Ash, Kheerat and Vinny that the family are coming to Walford East for Diwali.

Upon hearing that Nina is going to the police station, Ash leaves abruptly for the surgery and Ravi is left feeling nervous.

In Walford East, Ravi is interrupted by two police officers who are investigating Ranveer’s whereabouts and when Kheerat questions Ravi, he grows suspicious when he tells him that Nina reported Ranveer missing.

Later, Ravi confronts Nina about going to the police but she reminds him that it’s part of the plan. And Kheerat offers to help Stacey by bringing Lily out with Nugget for a milkshake.

At first, Lily believes that he's setting them up and goes to leave but soon realises that Kheerat wanted to speak to Nugget himself. Later, as Stacey can see that she's upset, Lily grows angry after discovering that Kheerat lied about Nugget having feelings for her.

In Walford East, the Panesars are impressed with Ravi’s Diwali display, but Kheerat breaks the mood when he tells them all that Ranveer is missing.

Not buying into Ravi’s attempt to downplay talking to the police, they argue and when Nish interrupts, Kheerat tells Nish that he doesn’t trust him.

Later in the pub, Nina and Ravi watch on as Stacey throws a drink over Kheerat for lying to Lily.

When Stacey tells Eve about her argument with Kheerat as well as Nish’s return, it prompts her to visit the call centre in search of him.

As Kheerat angrily follows her home, they argue about Suki before Stacey interrupts,

Later in The Vic, Kheerat is annoyed when he realises Ravi is meeting Stacey for a business meeting and soon leaves.

When Ravi helps Stacey bring a drunk Eve home, they both open a bottle of wine and he soon tries to kiss her.

When Eve leaves Suki a voicemail, she's cut off when her phone is accidentally damaged. Jean takes the phone to Vinny for repair and is left bemused at the sight of a message asking Eve to meet someone at the airport.

After Kheerat apologises to her and Stacey, Eve later comes clean to Kheerat about the fact that Ranveer tried to sexually assault Suki and he has a realisation about the night of Ranveer’s disappearance.

Believing that Eve told Kheerat about Ravi trying to kiss her, Stacey broaches the subject with him. Fuming, Kheerat heads to The Vic and goes for Ravi. As the pair fight, it's not long before it moves outside.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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