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Kheerat messes with the Mitchell's in EastEnders as Phil chooses Kat over Sharon

But things be over between them, before it's even begun?

When Phil promises Kat that there's nothing between him and Sharon, she tells him that she couldn't care either way.

At the call centre, Mo spots Kheerat trying to poach a new customer Stas, from the Mitchell’s. Kat puts two and two together when Mo tells Kat about Kheerat’s dodgy prospective client. As Phil is meeting with Stas, he’s surprised to see Kat’s text and uses the intel to his advantage.

Later in The Vic, Kheerat’s hopes are dashed when Stas turns him down and Phil and Ben arrive to gloat. When Phil thanks her for the tip off, Kat wonders what’s going on with Sharon. Far too proud to admit her true feelings, she stalks off.

After warning Suki to stay out of his family business, Phil texts Sharon to meet, giving her false hope for a new future together, egged on by Jean. But when Sharon admits her feelings, Phil admits they're over.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Jean tells Kat about Phil and Sharon’s ‘date’, so Kat's surprised when Phil tells her it's over with Sharon for good.

When Ben arrives, he's surprised to see Kat and as she hastily goes to leave, she overhears Ben making a nasty comment about her to which Phil agrees, not wanting to blow his cover. Embarrassed and upset, Kat leaves.

With Kat sulking over Phil, she spots Stas and an idea forms.

After Bobby lets slip that Ash got suspended, Suki is furious and her attentions turn to Kheerat who has been ignoring her. Reminding him that he stepped out of line messing with the Mitchell’s, he promises not do go behind her back again - struggling with her controlling ways.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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