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Kheerat trolls Gray in EastEnders

But will he get caught?

Kheerat creates an email account under the name Chantelle Atkins and later, Gray’s heart drops as an email arrives from “Chantelle”.

As the emails keep coming, Gray reveals to Eve that someone’s trolling him and she suggests he ignores them. But Gray’s determined to find out who it is and opens up to Kheerat about the trolling.

Heading to bed, Gray gets another message and Kheerat watches on as Gray opens the front door to a chilling discovery.

Later, Gray asks Chelsea if anyone has said anything about him recently, revealing that someone is slandering him. But as Chelsea complains about a broken breast pump, he tells her to keep trying.

As Kheerat continues to enjoy messing with Gray, Gray starts to look at Mitch and Whitney as suspects and takes Mitch for a drink and opens up about Chantelle before approaching Whitney on the street and accusing her.

Meanwhile, Chelsea opens up to Denise about the breast pump and Denise tells her not to listen to Gray and use formula.

Gifting Gray some whiskey, Kheerat swiftly sends another email to see his reaction, but when Whitney appears, Kheerat is rude towards her, playing up in front of Gray.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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