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Kheerat wants to visit his father in prison in EastEnders

But how will Suki react? And can Vinny finally prove himself to Kheerat?

After the police visit Vinny, to get a statement on the thief who tried to rob the shop, Kheerat and Suki aren’t happy that he’s talking to the police. And later, Callum offers Vinny some wise words on standing up for himself and what he believes in.

As Vinny cleans racist graffiti off the Minute Mart, it’s obvious the graffiti has got to Suki and she opens up to Kheerat about the pain it has brought up from her past. But how will she react when he tells her he’d like to visit his father in prison?

An emotional Suki tells Kheerat that all his dad would want is for him to build the business, as he is their only hope. Will this make him change his mind about visiting his father? And when Ben learns about the offensive graffiti he offers to help teach the culprit a lesson.

Later, Kheerat gives Vinny an opportunity to prove himself, looking after Stas’ associate. But he’s disheartened when he learns it’s to be his driver.

However, going along with the job Vinny’s interest piques when he spots a bag full of gold bars. But as he gets in the car he is shocked to find the businessman is dead.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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