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Kim agrees to go to therapy in EastEnders after giving up on the Kimfluencer

Can Howie and therapy help change her mind?

Patrick and Howie are saddened when Kim tells them that she's a broken woman now that the Kimfluencer is gone.

Devastated that she's so low, Howie gives Kim a pep talk about how strong she's being and reassures her that therapy will help her heal. And Kim is full of trepidation as Howie convinces Kim to go live online and speak to her fox cubs.

As Kim broadcasts live, Howie tries to get her to log off so they can go to her therapy appointment after telling her that he called her Doctor to rearrange her session. After revealing that she cancelled her first session, Kim eventually agrees to go after all.

At first, Kim is full of bluster in front of Dr Anwar but eventually starts to open up about her issues. And Dr Anwar shares some techniques to help Kim deal with her anxiety and PTSD.

When Kim and Howie fall out over her plans to talk about mental health on the Kimfluencer channel, she wrongly assumes he doesn't like the new Kim. But Howie insists it's only because he's worried that she's vulnerable and people can be nasty online.

Full of enthusiasm about her new mental health advocacy, Kim stumbles upon Denzel and Amy fighting about him looking at girls online and helps the teen couple have an honest conversation and work out their differences.

And Kim resolves to be more 'real' on her channel.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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