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Kim and Denzel are involved in a horror car crash in EastEnders

Will the reason why come out? And will Denzel survive the crash?

Whilst Kim and Howie attend an awards do, Denzel secretly hosts a party.

After winning an award for ‘Influencer of the Moment’ as well as a brand new car, Kim returns to the Square to celebrate her win.

Soon, they're distracted by Denzel’s party and a disappointed Howie and Kim quickly shut down the party. Whilst Howie fumes at Denzel for his actions, Kim, overjoyed by her win, offers to take him for a spin in her car before crashing.

Following the crash, a shaken Kim wakes up to find an unconscious Denzel. Spotting the crash, Mitch quickly calls an ambulance and with the help of the emergency services, Kim gets free but Denzel is still trapped inside.

At the hospital, Kim is joined by Denise who tries to comfort her, but Kim snaps as she reveals that Denise’s messages from Ravi were the cause of the crash. Horrified, Denise reveals all.

Later, Kim and Denise join a worried Howie who is being comforted by Jack and Amy.

The following day, Kim tries to console an emotional Howie as he wills Denzel to wake up.

When Kim spots Ravi and Chelsea flirting, she tells Denise that they need to intervene to break up their relationship for fear that Chelsea will get hurt. Later, cornering Chelsea, Kim attempts to convince her to break off the relationship.

Meanwhile, a nervous Denise approaches Ravi and warns him to stay away from Chelsea. Ignoring Denise’s threats, Ravi teases Denise by revealing his plans to take things to the next level with Chelsea. Desperate, Denise heads out before making a mysterious call.

Rocked by recent events, Kim meets with Denise and later as they drown their sorrows in The Vic, they're incensed as they spot Chelsea and Ravi together. As they attempt to distance the two, Chelsea supports Ravi.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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