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Kim approves of Gabby's scheming in Emmerdale as Jamie throws Dawn a lifeline

But what will they make of his actions?

When Kim asks Gabby about Dawn's whereabouts, she attempts to drop her in it by pointing out she’s asked to leave early that day. Unimpressed, Jamie defends her, telling Kim that she has a meeting with social services.

And when Bear comes to collect his wallet from Jai's desk, he's confused as to why it's not there and Jai accuses Dawn of stealing it. As she empties her bag to prove her innocence, Dawn is surprised when Bear's wallet falls out!

As Jai sacks her there and then, Kim notices a glimmer of a smile on Gabby's face and after checking the CCTV, Kim discovers it was Gabby who set her up.

Later at Home Farm, Kim tells Gabby she’s wiped the CCTV after discovering what she'd done, and admits that she shows potential - but reminds her that she still has a lot to learn.

The next day, as Dawn clears her desk, Gabby can't help but feel smug. But her and Kim are soon left fuming after Jamie enters and tells Kim that he's going back to the vets permanently and offers Dawn a job as the vets’ receptionist.

Dawn, and a passing Will, are left furious after Kim accuses Dawn of using Jamie for money. Watching with amusement, Mack throws the cat among the pigeons by exposing Kim and Will’s relationship. Realising she’s been lied to, Dawn’s disgusted.

Giving Will an ultimatum, Dawn wants him to end things with Kim or never set foot in the house again. Will has a choice to make but will he regret his decision?

Meanwhile, Gabby’s heart sinks as she watches Jamie with Dawn and Kim tells Gabby she’ll be shadowing her from now on.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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