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Kim catches Mila 'cheating' after refusing a date with Iqra in EastEnders

But is all as it seems?

In The Prince Albert, Kim is determined to find who took the post of Mila and Iqra down and tries to set them both up on another date. But Mila explains she can't, as she has a double shift.

Realising Mila lied about having to work, Kim begins to spy on her and is shocked to see her meeting up with man. With a cheat in her midst Kim is angered and as she explains what she saw to Kathy, Kathy gives Mila the benefit of the doubt.

However, when Mila and Iqra come in laughing, a tipsy Kim blurts out that she is cheating.

At the café, Iqra waits for Mila who was supposed to confront her mother. But when she turns up tear stained, Mila reveals she couldn’t muster the courage to go inside and now her flatmate wants her out, so she is homeless.

When Iqra offers her a place to stay, Mila is adamant that she can’t stay with her which confuses Iqra. But when a worries Kathy later invites Mila to stay with her, she accepts.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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