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Kim fears she has dementia in Emmerdale as Gabby ups her meddling ways

But will Gabby get found out?

Wearing some fresh designer clothes, Gabby accesses the company accounts through her laptop and a suspicious Jamie tells Noah to get hold of her laptop as he wants evidence.

As Kim hunts for her notebook, Gabby tentatively presents her with it and a woozy Kim heads back to bed. Realising that Noah has been watching their conversation, Gabby is alarmed. And Noah reports to Jamie about Gabby and Kim’s secret notebook.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Jamie are growing weary of keeping their relationship a secret. And back at Home Farm, Kim gives some specific instructions on dealing with a client. It's clear she’s got her eye on oblivious Gabby.

Soon realising she's been rumbled, Gabby tries to talk her way out of it by claiming Kim’s fuzzy memory is to blame for the confusion and pours a fragile Kim a medicinal brandy, promising to keep her confusion a secret.

Pleased to have got away with it, Gabby wonders why Noel is lurking in the shadows. What does he know? And when Kim phones the doctor, she asks for a proper test for dementia.

The next day when Gabby spots the dementia appointment in the notebook she urges Kim to keep it a secret from Jamie. Later that night, a shadowy figure wearing gloves spikes Kim’s brandy decanter with Diazepam before we soon after see Kim pours herself another glass.

When the day of Kim's dementia test arrives, Kim is terrified as she heads for it alone. Before long, Jamie is appalled that Gabby was told before him and soon Gabby is outed for meddling. How will Kim react?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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