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Kim searches for the truth in EastEnders as Vincent Hubbard turns up in Walford

Will she finally get answers about where her husband disappeared to?

Kim is stopped in her tracks when she overhears Mitch taking a cab booking for a Vince Hubbard.

When Phil overhears, he's adamant she leave the matter alone, but Kim tracks the booking to the Walford East.

However, matters get even more confusing when she finds a children’s entertainer in a costume claiming to be Vince.

When she confronts him, she spots his wallet and sure enough, it belongs to her husband, but he hastily packs up and leaves.

After telling Mitch and Phil what happened, Phil realises she’s going to be a problem and he later tells Denise to stop Kim on her crusade for answers. Will she get them? What really happened to Vincent?

As Kim mulls things over with Denise and Jack, Denise tries to get her to let it go. Later Phil, angry that Kim is still showing interest in Vincent, shows Denise something. What could it be?

Phil makes it clear to Denise that Kim needs to stop digging for information or there could be serious consequences. But when she later overhears Jack and Kim’s plan to meet Vince and find out more about him, Denise is alarmed and pleads with Kim to leave the matter alone. Kim agrees, before swiftly going against her promise and tells Jack it’s game on.

Later, in The Albert, a tense Kim and Jack wait for Vince.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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