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Kim sets her trap in Emmerdale

But will it work in uncovering her poisoner?

After discovering that she was being drugged, this week sees Kim Tate try and trap her poisoner. But who could it be?

Dressed to impress, ready for her formal luncheon at Home Farm, Kim has invited all her oblivious suspects.

In the village, Jai, Jamie and Dawn are uneasy about why they’ve had a formal invitation from Kim and at Home Farm, Kim's keeping up the pretence of being drugged and confused as she responds to Will’s questions as to why he’s received an invite to the lunch.

As they all start to arrive, Kim pretends to be befuddled as she starts to spin her web. And once the guests are assembled, Kim declares she’s stepping back from the business. But first, she needs to anoint her successor.

Revelling in the reaction it creates, Kim watches as the bickering amongst her guests commences. Addressing her guests one more time, Kim delivers a speech designed to manipulate her poisoner into taking action. But will it work?

Jamie’s unnerved by Kim and Will’s closeness and gives Noah another covert mission; to spy on Will. And Al is determined to impress Kim.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm on ITV

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