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Kim shoots an intruder in Emmerdale

As Gabby threatens revenge. But who has Kim shot?

As Kim viciously takes her worries out on her, Gabby tells Noah she’s not going to be pushed around much longer.

When Kim encounters a mutinous Al and Jai at the HOP, she manages to see them off but is thrown to watch the security video of Gabby threatening revenge earlier.

Back at Home Farm, Will tries to check in on Kim but in her paranoid state this only makes her more suspicious and she sends him packing. Firmly bolting the door behind him.

As she sits alone, the drugged brandy has Kim hearing phantom intruder. Reaching for a shotgun, to protect herself, Kim carries on drinking.

The next day, an encounter with Dawn and Jamie at the Hide deepens Kim’s anxiety, but hearing Jamie threaten revenge on Kim afterwards, Dawn’s unsettled to think he sounds just like his mum.

Speaking to Will at Woodbine, Dawn’s at her wit’s end with Kim. If Will won’t sort her out then maybe she’ll have to be the one to do it. Meanwhile, Jamie’s taken aback when Dawn asks him to move out of Home Farm.

And as she sits inside Home Farm clutching her shotgun, Kim’s shocked to see a figure enter the house on the CCTV system. Terrified, Kim fires her gun at the intruder!

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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