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Kim suffers another panic attack as she returns home in EastEnders

Will she finally accept the help she needs?

As Howie prepares for Kim's release, Felix takes it upon himself to throw a welcome home party for Kim.

Meanwhile, at the prison, Kim steals herself to return home and leaves before her family can collect her. When she finally arrives, she’s confronted with a crowd of well-wishers. Struggling with her real emotions, Kim tries to style it out.

Keeping up a façade in front of her family, Kim is determined to not let Howie and the kids see how ill she still is. Talking to her about treatment options, Sonia admits the waiting lists are long and Kim asks her not to mention anything to Howie.

As she tries to return to work, has a panic attack and when Eve and Howie go to find her, they discover Kim cowering in the dark.

When Howie begs Kim to let him help her, she finally agrees and later, after Howie finds a therapist specialising in PTSD for Kim, he arranges for her to have time off work. Kim is left feeling grateful for his support.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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