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Kim worries about Denise's mental health in EastEnders as Howie is offered a job on a cruise

When she’s also offered a job, will Kim join Howie or stay for Denise?

Kim is floored when Howie reveals he’s been offered a fantastic three-month job on a cruise ship and fears his head will be turned on the cruise.

To show her that there's nothing to worry about, Howie invites her on a photo shoot for the company.

However, his idea falls flat when Kim meets his boss, ‘Rory’, who is a dead ringer for Kim. When news reaches the group that ticket sales are down, Kim offers advice on how to solve the crisis with her social media knowledge. Impressed, Rory offers Kim the job as social media manager on the cruise.

When Denzel gets into trouble at school, Yolande explains to Kim that he’s acting out as he’s scared about being left by her and Howie. Feeling terrible that they didn't notice, Kim and Howie decide to stay in Walford. But when they speak to Denzel, he reassures them he’ll be fine and tells them to go.

But Kim faces another hurdle as she becomes concerned for Denise’s mental wellbeing and she tries to talk to Denise about her mental health.

As Kim talks about the reasons she might be experiencing PTSD, after witnessing Nish nearly die in front of her, when she mentions Christmas, it triggers Denise who rushes off.

Worried sick, Kim decides not to go on the cruise, but Denise eventually convinces her that she’s just upset over her fragile marriage to Jack and demands she goes.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer

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