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Kim worries she's seriously ill after she loses balance and collapses in Emmerdale

But will Gabby get to the truth?

Kim is unnerved when Jamie and Andrea turn up to tell her they’ve amicably settled their divorce, with Jamie giving up Dale View so he can keep Millie close.

When Jamie later finds Gabby and Kim arguing about the loss of Dale View, he fires some parting shots at his Mum before heading off, leaving seething Kim to turn on Gabby. Woozy and disorientated, she attempts to kick Gabby out.

But as she swigs brandy, a regretful Kim tries to tell Gabby she doesn’t actually need to leave, but stung Gabby heads out without a word.

As the door slams, Kim loses her balance and collapses to the floor, terrified as she loses consciousness.

The next day, Lydia arrives and shouts in alarm as she sees Kim lying lifeless but as Kim opens her eyes in a panic, a worried Lydia tells Kim that she needs to see a doctor, but she refuses.

Privately terrified that she could be seriously ill, Kim looks at something on her laptop but when Gabby pitches up, she knocks the laptop and reads what it says aloud. Coming clean, a shaky Kim opens up to Lydia and Gabby.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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