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Kit steps in to help Gemma after she's arrested for stealing shoes for Carys in Corrie

But can he get Gemma off?


With Carys needing new shoes and a £70 parking fine in the post, Gemma’s day soon goes from bad to worse.

Taking Carys to the show shop to get her feet measured, Gemma is gutted to learn that the shoes are £45. While the assistant’s distracted, Gemma grabs Carys’s hand and they flee the shop without paying.

Seeing the shoes, Bernie asks how Gemma afforded them. But Gemma come clean?

As Chesney serves up kebabs for Joseph’s delighted school mates who are around for dinner, Gemma gets a shock to see one of the dads who has come to collect his son. 

After Gemma is arrested for stealing the shoes, Kit is shocked to see her being brought into the police station. As Bernie begs him to do what he can to secure Gemma’s release, Kit calls at the shoe shop and explains to Bruce that he’s here about the shoplifting incident. But can he get Gemma off?

Intrigued to know why Kit wanted to help her, Gemma introduces him to Chesney and the kids. Whilst there, Kit gets a shocking call from his dad.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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