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Kyle goes missing in Emmerdale after Cain's rage boils over

Has Al gone too far this time?

With Al moving in with Amy, Kerry and Kyle, Cain is furious and Amy threatens that she will fight him for custody if he continues to meddle in her life. As Moira promises to try and get through to Cain, with Al deliberately antagonising the situation, he's unlikely to back down.

Stirring things further, Al suggests Amy send Cain a solicitors letter. But will Amy rise to the bait?

And despite Moira's best attempts to persuade him otherwise, Cain refuses to get on board with Al staying in the same house as Kyle.

However, Cain and Amy soon agree to stick to their original visitation plan and not involve any solicitors and Moira's proud that Cain didn’t rise to Al’s baiting.

But when Amy breaks the news to Al, he tries his best to hide his disappointment as an idea starts forming in his head.

Before long, Al gives Kyle his old phone and when Cain catches Kyle asking Vinny to get him a top-up card from the shop, his rage boils over when Kyle reveals who gave him the phone.

As Cain's fury rages, his temper reaches such a pique that little Kyle goes missing, leaving Cain devastated.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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