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Kyle's troubles start to show in Emmerdale as he creates a memorial for Al

Is it too soon for him to return to school?

When Moira and Amy return from Belfast, the atmosphere is frosty and Matty is still upset that they had kept Kyle's secret from him.

Insisting their relationship is over, Amy is determined to make Kyle her priority from now on and is also determined to clear Moira’s name with Chloe, who thinks Moira was the person who was secretly seeing Al.

When Amy tells Chloe to shut down her investigation for Kerry’s sake, Chloe finally agrees but is hurt when Amy tells her to move out. With nowhere to turn, Chloe informs her sister she’s pregnant. Will Amy change her mind about kicking her out?

Later, Amy and Matty reconcile and Amy soon updates Moira and Mackenzie on her reconciliation with Matty. But when she reveals that Chloe is pregnant, Mack squirms but is relieved that none of them knows he’s the father.

In the barn, Kyle makes a memorial for Al, clearly tormented by what he did.

The following day, Moira visits Cain who is worried about how quickly their secret is spreading. When Moira moots finding Al’s real mistress, Cain doesn’t admit it’s Chas and Moira is unaware her husband already knows their identity.

Meanwhile, Matty finds a collection of rocks placed in the middle of the barn and realises Kyle is creating a memorial for Al. Given Kyle’s memorial, Matty is worried it’s too soon for Kyle to return to school.

The next day, Amy, Moira and Matty feign an air of normality as they prepare Kyle for school but their anxiety is palpable.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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