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Laurel protects Arthur from the truth in Emmerdale

But will Jai do the right thing and tell him the truth?

Following the news of Marlon's stroke, Jai’s eager to support Laurel in whatever capacity he can. And when he babysits the children, he realises how desperately he misses life with his family.

Later, Laurel’s left feeling guilty as she lies to Arthur about the reason for her break-up in order to preserve his perception of Jai.

Despite Jai believing that there’s hope for him and Laurel, she's frustrated that he thinks he can repair their relationship. As she shoos him off the property, Jai’s devastated by the depth of Laurel’s pain.

Unaware of the real reason for their break-up, a frustrated Arthur accuses Laurel of sleeping with someone else.

With Laurel gutted, Jai sets him straight and is later humiliated when Kim asks him to work a shift waiting tables in the Hide.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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