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Lauren apologises to Roy for not clearing his name sooner in Corrie

But will he forgive her?


When the nurse confirms that Roy’s visitor was a young girl with blonde hair, Dee-Dee and Nina are shocked and Dee-Dee tells Bethany and Joel that the police are checking the CCTV to see if it was Lauren. 

Whilst Roy is delighted to think that Lauren appears to be alive, Nina is furious that she left it this long to return and clear his name and now has disappeared again.

Telling Sarah about the sighting of Lauren, Bethany tells her how the coat she was wearing matches the coat they saw on the girl in the CCTV from the pizza joint in Leicester, so she was clearly the person using her credit card.

Meanwhile, Joel tells an excited Dee-Dee he has booked their wedding for September 27th before heading off to go through credit card statements with Bethany to find clues of Lauren’s whereabouts.

When he receives a text from Betsy demanding more money, Joel heads out, telling Dee-Dee he’s off to work. Continuing to go through the statements she finds ticket transactions in Warrington and decides to check soup kitchens where a homeless woman confirms that Lauren is squatting in a local pub.

Before setting off with Bethany, Dee-Dee calls Joel to let him know. Will Joel make it to Lauren before Bethany and Dee-Dee?

As Nina calls to collect Roy from the hospital, he tries to cover his nervousness at the thought of leaving. When back in the café flat, Nina is glad to have Roy home and fusses over him, before suggesting he spend a few days at Cathy’s in Scarborough.

After going to the cafe to apologise to Roy, Lauren heads to the Rovers where Bobby offers her his bed for the night and Carla is furious when she finds out.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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