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Lauren is wrongly accused of stealing money from the till in Corrie

But how has she afforded to gift Max a new watch?

In the café, Shona’s sick of Lauren being constantly on her phone and when she later catches her at the precinct rather than her call centre job a guilty Lauren makes out she swapped shifts. What is she up to?

Presenting Max with a new watch to thank him for all he’s done for her, he’s bowled over but worries that she’s spent too much but Lauren makes out she’s been given a promotion at the call centre.

Cornering Lauren, Sabrina tells her she was out of order buying Max a watch and needs to stop playing games.

Later, returning the watch to Lauren, Max explains that it’s too generous a gift and he can’t accept it, whilst Shona listens, mildly suspicious.

In the café, Bernie tells Shona about the missing £80 from the till and Shona confronts Lauren, accusing her of stealing the money to buy the watch and suspends her.

Horrified, Lauren tells Shona she doesn't need the job as she has a rich boyfriend and Max and Sabrina later head round to Lauren’s flat with cake and cider.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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