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Leanne almost gets run over as she discovers the truth behind Oliver's 'gifts' in Corrie

But will the truth help her move on? Or set her back?

About to book another session with TV psychic Crystal Moon, Leanne quickly kills the call when Simon appears, leaving him mildly suspicious.

His suspicions grow when he returns home later to find Crystal Moon on the TV and Leanne asleep clutching Oliver’s feather.

Confronting her with her phone records, Simon points out to Leanne that she's been wasting money on premium rate calls to a psychic who fools her into thinking she’s in contact with Oliver. Leanne admits to Simon that her grief is for Oliver is getting worse, not better.

When Jacob offers Simon another job delivering drugs, he promises to think about it. But later tells him that he's not willing to do the delivery. Promising he'll find some other way to pay him back. Clearly annoyed, Jacob calls his boss.

Finding another feather, Leanne smiles, convinced it's a gift from Oliver. Showing Nick the feathers, Leanne explains that they’re a gift from Oliver and Nick worries for her state of mind. Noticing that Leanne is offended, Simon orders Nick to leave.

When Leanne shows Simon another feather from Oliver, asserting that it’s his way of letting her know that he’s fine, he's pleased that it’s lifted her spirits.

Dropping one of her feathers, Leanne runs after it down the street and almost gets knocked over by Mary!

Whilst Nick remains concerned at her behaviour, Brian hands her a rubbish bag which Simon had left in the recycling bin and she's shocked to discover a ripped pillow inside. Furious, Leanne rages at Simon and slaps him.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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