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Leanne is arrested as she tries to do the right thing in Corrie

And has Simon cottoned on to what she's up to?

Thanking her for getting Harvey off his back, Simon promises Leanne that he'll never get mixed up with anyone like that again. She can't bring herself to tell him the truth.

When Leanne discovers that Nick is still living at Natasha’s, she's upset but can't argue with him when he tells her that he'd rather be at home, but she's the one stopping him.

Receiving a text from Harvey, Leanne asks Nick if she can borrow his car and she sits in his car counting her ill gotten gains, a police officer knocks on the window! Thankfully, Leanne can breathe a sigh of relief when the officer explains there’s been a spate of car thefts.

Back home she stashes her burner phone and nurse’s uniform before telling Harvey she wants out, but he has other plans - telling her she's such a success that he's moving her onto bigger deals.

From her window, Leanne despairs as she watches Nick, Natasha and Sam, looking to all intents the perfect family.

When Harvey drops off more drugs with Leanne, she feels totally trapped after he orders her to put on her nurse's uniform and get our there. Spotting a furtive Leanne leaving Victoria Court with Harvey, Toyah assumes she's having an affair behind Nick’s back.

Having made the drop, Leanne heads home in her nurse’s uniform. However she's horrified when a woman approaches and asks her to help a man who’s collapsed at the tram station! What will she do?

Later, when Harvey calls round with another job for Leanne, she refuses and an argument ensues. Having heard from Toyah that she saw Leanne with another man, Nick pays a visit and Leanne is forced to hide Harvey in Oliver’s bedroom. But when Nick spots his jacket, his suspicions are confirmed.

When Natasha admits to Nick that she still has feelings for him, will a hurt Nick fall back into her arms?

Having reached a decision Leanne goes to the police station and reports Harvey for his drugs operation, only to fear she's made a terrible mistake as she's arrested! So when Simon returns home to find no sign of Leanne, he tells Nick how she’s gone missing, lied about going to France and has barely left the flat since Christmas.

As the police interview Leanne, she covers for Simon, making out he was never involved in any drugs deliveries and she only got involved to protect him. The officer tells Leanne they’ve been watching Harvey, aware that he grooms young lads, and explains that they need her help to nail him.

Returning home, Leanne lies to Harvey, making out she didn’t have time to deliver his drugs. He tells her that if she values Simon's life, she should get on with it. And with her nurse's uniform on, Leanne heads out, but his suspicions aroused, Simon follows.

As she waits nervously for the drug dealer, Simon appears. Promising she’ll explain later, Leanne implores him to go home.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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