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Leanne's financial troubles lead to bad decisions by Simon in Corrie

But can he really count on Jacob as a friend?

Overhearing Leanne on the phone, Simon realises they’re behind with the electricity payments and suggests they ask Nick, but Leanne won’t hear of it.

After admitting to his mate Jacob from the chippy that they’re struggling, Simon is grateful when Jacob offers to lend him £60. As Simon enthuses about his new work mate Jacob, Kelly keeps her counsel.

Nipping home, laden with shopping, Simon tells Leanne that he’s spoken to the electricity company and sorted a pre-paid meter, leaving her thankful for his help.

Late for his shift, Simon dumps his bike outside the chippy and after a chat with Jacob, is horrified to realise his bike has been stolen.

Downbeat, Simon confides in Jacob that without his bike he’ll lose his job and he really needs the money. And Kelly is unimpressed when Simon shows her the new bike that Jacob has lent him.

As Simon readies to leave with a chip shop delivery, his heart sinks as Jacob takes the bag off him and tells him he’s got a delivery for him to make of a different kind.

And when Imran tentatively asks Leanne when she might return to work, the thought of it sends Leanne into panic and she resigns from her job. Simon’s inwardly gutted knowing that she now depends on him more than ever.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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