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Leanne turns to Carla for help in Corrie after finding out about Simon's drug dealing

Can Carla warn Jacob away?

Cornering Sam, Simon assures him that what he witnessed was just a prank and nobody got hurt. After being pleased to see that they're getting on, Nick is worried when he later receives a call from school to say Sam’s had a meltdown and hurt another kid!

With Sam refusing to open up, when Jacob calls in the cafe he's terrified and dashes out. Having finally coaxed the truth out of him, Nick confronts Simon - leaving Leanne horrified demanding to know the truth from Simon.

But when Simon lies and assures Leanne that it was just a prank, Nick doesn't believe a word and orders Simon to stay away from Sam.

After telling Jacob that he's got his bag back and is ready to do the delivery, Simon is confronted by an angry Leanne with the packages of coke. Snapping, Simon reveals he's dealing drugs because somebody has to put food on the table, before marching out!

Back at home, Leanne promises she’ll sort herself out but they must go to the police. Simon’s horrified, explaining that he owes his boss money and he’ll kill him for grassing him up.

Confiding in Toyah, Leanne tells her sister about what Sam said, she's horrified and urges Leanne to tackle Simon. But Leanne takes it as a dig at her parenting skills. When Simon returns home with Jacob in tow, a shaken Leanne retreats to her room.

When Leanne finds Jacob and Simon counting their drugs money, she objects and Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. Furious, Leanne flips and as she tries to grab him, she smashes Oliver’s music box.

Begging Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing, he points out to Leanne the stark truth, which is they need the money.

Desperate, Leanne tells Carla that Simon’s going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter. Promising to help, Carla doesn’t want Peter involved. But when Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon, will he agree?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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