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Leela feels threatened as Abe and Joel turn their attention to Cleo in Hollyoaks

Will Cleo reunite with Joel? Or is Abe her soulmate?


Outside the hospital, Cleo bumps into Leela whilst on her way for a job interview and when Peri joins them, Cleo tells her that she'll make a beautiful bridesmaid, which leaves Leela with some explaining to do.

Forced to admit to Peri that Joel didn’t really ask her to marry him, Leela explains how she felt threatened by Cleo’s return.

Bumping into Cleo outside the hospital, Abe asks her on a date, but when Cleo says she’s not ready to date at the moment, he asks Hunter for help.

Later in the week, with Joel being discharged from the hospital, Peri urges her mum to come clean to him about lying about being engaged.

Back home, a card from Daniel leads to Leela having to fess up to Joel about the lie she told Cleo. And Cleo is shocked to discover Abe in the house preparing a romantic breakfast with a note asking her to go on a date with him.

Taking on her family's advice, Cleo meets up with Abe for a drink and brings up her concern about a previous night out together where he came across as jealous. Explaining his side of the story, Abe tells her that if she wants to end things between them, she can.

When Peri tells Joel that she’s worried about her mum, he goes and spends time with her, but when she goes to work, he sees Cleo going into The Dog for the pub quiz and decides to participate rather than go home to rest.

After falling asleep together outside on a bench, Joel asks Cleo to give him the rest of the day to decide if getting back together is what he wants. When Joel returns home, Leela is relieved and in his dad’s absence, Joel confides in Norma about his decision.

Arriving late to Leela’s 12-week scan, Joel is overwhelmed when he sees the baby. And when Abe turns up at the McQueens, Cleo tells him she doesn’t think it’ll work out between them and he demands to know why.

But how will Cleo react when Theresa suggests that having followed her to Hollyoaks, Abe might be her soulmate?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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