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Leo doesn't fall for Stephen's lies in Corrie

And when Stephen's wife turns up, is it finally game over for him?

When a panicky David reveals he thinks the sinkhole in the garden is opening up again the Platts plan to move out while Leo conducts a full survey. And as Audrey suggests they can all stay with her, Leo clocks Stephen’s unease.

Confiding in Jenny, Leo tells her that he finds Stephen rather odd as if he’s hiding something. But as Jenny masks her anxiety, has Leo stumbled on something more?

Having paid for their spa day, Stephen checks that Audrey and Gail have left and makes out that he enjoyed a night in a posh hotel. And Leo wonders why he's lying.

Arriving back from the spa day early, Audrey reveals she found a valuer from the estate agents at her house, who told her that Stephen made the appointment. As Leo listens, Stephen is thrown. Can he talk himself out of this one?

Will Leo reveal what he knows as Stephen and Leo come to blows?

When David threatens to call the police, Stephen stops him and Leo storms out, followed by Jenny who has a lot of explaining to do.

When David quizzes Stephen about why he spent the night in his car and why the valuer turned up at Audrey’s house, they're interrupted mid-row by a knock at the door. Stephen’s heart sinks to see Gabrielle there. Will she reveal all?

And Leo tells Stephen that it’s clear he’s lying to his family and lying about his financial situation and intends to find out why.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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