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Leo makes his move on Jenny in Corrie

How will Johnny feel, when he finds out?

When Leo calls at the Rovers with a bunch of flowers, he approaches the bar and overhears Jenny telling Daisy that she’s enjoying her freedom and is done with relationships.

Admiring Leo's flowers, Daisy concedes that it might be worth giving him a chance. But when she discovers the card that came with the flowers, she points out that the flowers were meant for Jenny not her and Leo obviously fancies her.

When Leo invites her out for a drink, Jenny is flattered.

Meanwhile, Johnny tells Carla that he feels his life has lost its purpose and is thrilled when she offers him a consultancy job at the factory.

But as he chats to an old business contact with Carla at the Bistro, he is shocked to see a glammed up Jenny walk in with Leo. How will he react?

Later, as Leo flirts with Jenny, telling her he finds her much more attractive than Daisy, Johnny calls at the Rovers hoping to have a drink with Jenny, only to find her entertaining Leo.

After spending the night with Jenny, a loved up Leo sets off to work as Beth watches intrigued.

In the factory, Johnny overhears Beth slagging him off to Carla, suggesting he’s past it and not up to the job. When Carla finds Johnny nursing a pint in the Rovers, he tells her that Beth's right. She doesn't need his help to run the factory and it’s time he set off for pastures new.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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