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Leo puts Whitney in terrifying danger as a letter from Tony resurfaces in EastEnders

And one person is left with blood on their hands.

Whitney opens up to Kush about a letter she kept from Tony as Leo listens from the attic.

With Kat playing on her mind after finding out that she's disappointed in her, Whitney cancels her plans with Sonia and heads to the Slaters instead.

Apologising to Kat, the pair have a heart-to-heart, unaware that Leo is turning Dot’s upside down looking for Tony’s letter.

When she returns home, Whitney is filled with fear and as the police arrive, Kat makes it clear who’s behind it. And horrified to discover that her letter from Tony is missing, Whitney alerts the police - whilst Leo lurks in Dot's room.

Trying to calm Whitney down, Kat and Ruby suggest they all go to the boat party but later as she prepares to leave, Whitney is petrified to find Leo in her room.

Unable to contain his hatred, Whitney soon finds herself in in terrifying danger and with Leo intent on getting revenge for his father, one person will be left with blood on their hands…


These episodes of EastEnders will air Tuesday 11th, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th February on BBC One


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