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Leo sinks to a new low as he tries to get his finances in check in Neighbours

What will happen to Yorokobi Vineyard?


Mackenzie, Byron and Haz are confronted with a ‘For Sale’ sign on their front lawn. Desperate not to move, they rack their brains to come up with a solution. As they're sent on a rollercoaster of emotions, will the housemates have to leave their beloved home?

When Aaron makes a formal offer on Number Thirty-Two, Leo happily accepts it, desperate for the cash injection for his floundering business. And while Jane and Nicolette are both a little bit thrown by Aaron’s decision, he is steadfast.

However, when Leo receives another offer for the house, he admits to Aaron that the new offer is for more money, but insists he has no regrets about their deal. While Aaron is troubled, Leo remains commifed to their handshake agreement.

Leo’s desire to finalise the Number Thirty-Two house sale rouses Aaron’s nerves big time and with things getting real fast, Aaron is forced to question his motives and realises buying the house back would be a step in the wrong direction for his grief.

As he backs out of the deal, Leo is left free to accept the higher offer and pocket some more cash. And it’s good news for the share house tenants too, as they learn the mysterious new buyer is happy to keep them on as tenants.

But as Mackenzie and Haz get ready to celebrate, the spring is soon taken out of their step as they learn who their new landlord is.

But as Leo's financial hole Leo’s keeps getting bigger, his efforts to climb out aren’t getting him anywhere and despite Krista’s efforts to rally Leo, he feels demoralised. The extra cash from the higher offer on Number Thirty-Two isn’t much help and when Leo sees Vera reject a serve of Yorokobi at the Waterhole, he realises his whole brand is tarnished.

Following an afternoon of letting go of his vineyard staff, Leo feel worse and Terese, facing her own business dilemmas at Eirini Rising, comes up with a plan of action for Leo and visits him at the vineyard.

When she suggests a total rebranding, Leo is staunchly against it as Yorokobi was his way to provide a legacy for Abigail, and if he loses the name, he’ll lose all the joy that it was named after.

To cap off the day from hell, Leo’s most important retail partner returns a big delivery of Yorokobi. In a moment of anguish, he smashes a table full of bottles to the floor in an explosion of glass and gin.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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