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Leo spirals as his whole life continues to implode in Neighbours

Is he about to lose everything?


With Dex still in hospital, the Varga-Murphys wait anxiously for results of the bottle analysis in the hope they will provide some answers on his condition. Meanwhile, Leo's business takes a hit after he has to do a recall of all his vineyard products.

When Andrew informs them all the bottle analysis is inconclusive, Leo feels guilty for not handing the bottle over sooner and asks his staff to search their dash cam footage from the day, hoping to pick up anything unusual.

Aaron lets him know that a popular true crime podcast has picked up the story, but they don’t have much to go off yet. Soon, Leo discovers there is dash cam footage of drug dealer Shannon at the vineyard at the time the suspected sabotage occurred.

When Leo apologises to the Varga-Murphys for not handing over the poisoned bottle to the police right away, they accept his apology but Leo’s business continues to cop heat from Liv’s Crimesborough podcast.

Meanwhile, Andrew questions a livid Shannon who confesses she went to the vineyard to vandalise property but bailed upon seeing the crowd. Despite her adamantly denying any involvement in the poisoning, an unconvinced Andrew proceeds to charge her, leaving Leo hopeful that Shannon will crack and clarify the extent of the bottle tampering, so he can salvage the remainder of his stock and put the situation behind him.

However, his optimism is halted when Krista reveals that Liv’s podcast got an anonymous tip from an online post and has publicised that Leo held onto the poisoned bottle. With the podcast making out that Leo has something to hide, Leo is hit with a stack of function cancellations. As his woes escalate, Leo spirals, his entire reputaion and business on the line.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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