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Leo struggles to keep his head above water in Neighbours

But could a second poisoning be the good news he needs?


Having taken back the reins of Harold’s, Haz thanks Mackenzie for all her help in keeping it alive and they note that their relationship has felt a little formal since reuniting. When Haz mentions planning a trip back to WA to visit his family,he invites Mackenzie along who excitedly accepts.

Reflecting on the positive upswing in the Share House, Mackenzie suggests a party to celebrate. However, it all deflates when Leo has to break the news that he may have to sell the Share house to stay afloat. Are these friends about to lose their home?

Meanwhile, when Sadie notices that Holly is upset over Leo, Holly confesses that she’s part of the reason that Leo is now in the criminal hotseat and is determined to fix her error.

Still livid after Holly's antics, Leo is resigned to having to sell Number Thirty and gets a valuation on the Share House. However, it's not worth as much as he’d like, but it should cover the immediate financial distress.

As Krista reports the bad news to her housemates, Mackenzie and Haz privately suggest that Krista could buy the house. But they agree it’s too awkward for a housemate to also be a landlord, and so they will start looking at other rentals.

However, when they realise how dire the rental market is, they cave and ask Krista if maybe she’d be interested in buying. Delighted by the idea, Krista wishes she'd thought of it and offers the idea as a solution to Leo, who once again refuses the handout, leaving Krista frustrated by his stubbornness.

When Krista informs the housemates it’s a no-go, Holly decides to take matters into her own hands, announcing she’s going to figure out the identity of the poisoner herself.

Later, Andrew informs Leo that there’s been another poisoning and given that the victim didn't drink any wine, the police have concluded that Leo wasn’t the target.

With Shannon in custody, Leo takes in the revelation she couldn’t be the culprit. Despite the poisonings no longer being connected solely to the vineyard, Leo can’t see business ramping up again quickly and realises he’ll have to sell Number Thirty-Two.

And he’s further defeated when Krista reports a string of wine tour cancellations from Lassiters, until Krista blurts that because the cancellations are last minute, Leo will still get his fee.

Later, Holly lets slip that she has been processing refunds and Leo unloads on Krista for treating him like a charity case. Meanwhile, Krista hands Holly an official warning for using her job to try and bribe Liv.

Keen to make things right for Leo, Holly is determined to solve who the poisoner is. But when Krista catches Holly trying to get intel from Shannon, she warns Holly to cut her investigation antics and focus on her job instead.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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