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Leyla's big secret is revealed in Emmerdale as she celebrates with Suzy

But will Vanessa guess their game?

Spotting Jai in the pub, Leyla bolsters his mood by saying she believes him when he says the drugs weren’t his.

As she continues to lend him her support, she suggests one of their clients could have their hen-do at The Hide.

Leyla isn't keen that Suzy is still hanging around, but Priya likes Suzy’s suggestion of collaborating with them with her events business and the next day Suzy announces she’s secured a meeting with a potentially rich client.

When Leyla spots Suzy bantering with Callum, just as Vanessa is approaching, she does her best to stall her and later, Leyla and Suzy are all delighted when their pitch with Eddie goes well and they secure his business as a client.

Outside, Leyla and Suzy meet furtively and we finally discover what Leyla has been hiding when behind the Hop, Suzy holds up a bag of white powder and gives it a flick. Leyla eagerly grabs it and readies herself to take the drugs.

Back inside, having had such a successful client meeting, Leyla and Suzy celebrate the deal with Eddie. When Suzy says she needs to call Priya, Leyla says they can do it later as they need to get back to the office.

Soon, in the Take a Vow office Leyla’s on a coke-fuelled roll as she and Suzy celebrate and Vanessa walks in just as Leyla has lined up coke on the desk. Will Vanessa guess their game?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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