Leyla threatens Suzy after being blackmailed herself in Emmerdale

But has Liam uncovered Leyla's secret?

When Jai’s old dealer finds her at Take A Vow, Leyla is surprised and when he offers her a deal on some cocaine, she's tempted and later hides two bags of coke from an oblivious Suzy.

Later at the Hide, when a coked-up Leyla offers to pay for everyone’s food, Suzy watches on suspiciously. Aware that Leyla is out of character, Suzy chastises her for her drug use. Feeling judged, Leyla defends her acts, triumphant that she’s getting away with it.

Concerned, Jai returns Leyla's lost card to her and when her dealer sees this, he senses an opportunity to get Jai back in his books and blackmails Leyla into being involved.

Offering her an ultimatum, he wants her to persuade Jai back into the fold or he’ll cut her off from any future cocaine. But she doesn't have time to decide before Liam arrives.

Recognising the dealer from yesterday, Suzy orders him to leave Take A Vow, leaving an agitated Leyla without a source of coke. Frustrated Leyla chastises Suzy for getting rid of her only coke supply and Suzy is horrified when she refuses to give Leyla the details of her own dealer and Leyla brings up the death of Holly Barton.

When the idea of blackmail enters an opportunistic Leyla’s mind, she threatens Suzy with the idea of Moira finding out about Holly. Begrudgingly handing over her dealer’s number, Suzy vows that the two of them are done. And there's a flicker of regret from Leyla before she calls the number.

Later, Liam ponders Leyla’s recent mood swings and comes to a conclusion.

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