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Liam lies unconscious after taking Paul’s Benzo pills in Corrie

Will he pull through?


As they settle down to watch a film, Joseph asks Liam if things have improved at school, but Liam struggles to breathe and reaches for his inhaler. When Joseph urges him to tell Maria about his panic attacks, Liam refuses as he doesn’t want to worry her.

Whilst Joseph keeps lookout, Liam rummages in the cupboards for sweets and is intrigued to find Paul’s stash of Benzo pills and puts them in his pocket.

In the Rovers, Gary watches Sarah with concern as she knocks back the wine and when he spots her heading home with another bottle, he goes over.

Returning home, Liam finds that Gary isn’t back yet and feeling a panic attack coming on, takes out Paul’s Benzo pills.

Meanwhile, Billy discovers the missing pills and when Joseph reveals that Liam was looking for sweets, he panics. Alone in the flat, Liam lies unconscious with the pill bottle next to him. 

After explaining to Billy and Paul how Liam has been having suicidal thoughts, Maria returns home to find Sarah and Gary looking shifty. Picking up some things, Maria surreptitiously places a camera on the side.

As Gary sees Sarah out, they hug and agree to keep their distance from now on and as Maria watches them on her phone, her face darkens. 

Despite Gary hoping for a reconciliation, Maria makes it clear that’s not on the cards, leaving him gutted. And afraught Maria confides in Kirk over how Liam has been for his first therapy session and how she feels like the worst Mum in the world.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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