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Lily and Ricky Jr. agree to bring up their baby together in EastEnders

Can Jack be convinced that that's the right decision?

At the Branning house, all hell breaks loose when Jack discovers Ricky Jr. has offered to support Lily in bringing up their baby and he demands a meeting with Stacey and Martin.

When the families come together, Jack insists they need to talk some sense into Lily, but Stacey stands her ground and says abortion is off the table.

Later, in McKlunky’s, Jack runs into Lily and tells her what her life will be like as a teen mum. When Stacey hears, she storms over to No.27 and bans the whole Branning family from having anything to do with the baby.

Devastated, Ricky Jr. calls Sam as Denise warns Jack he’s out of order and when Ricky Jr. leaves to move in with his mum, Jack is devastated.

As Ricky Jr. gets away with murder at Sam’s, Jack is desperate to bring him home and with Denise at her wits' end, Patrick suggests she needs to find someone to talk some sense into Jack. Joining forces, Stacey and Denise get Martin to speak to Jack about coming to terms with Lily keeping the baby.

When Martin is offered a few weeks’ well-paid work in Turkey, he worries about being far away from Lily at such a tricky time. Will he pluck up the courage to tell Stacey?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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