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Lily breaks the news to Ricky Jr that she's pregnant with his baby in EastEnders

What will Martin and Jack do when they find out?

With Martin and Stacey on tenterhooks, as they try to help Lily, she goes out for some fresh air and is rattled by a conversation with Whitney about her baby.

With Lily in turmoil, she ends up confiding in Kat, who understands why the youngster is feeling so conflicted.

When Kat takes Lily home to a worried Martin and Stacey, Ricky Jr. arrives to check in on Lily and Martin works out that he’s the father.

Meanwhile, as Ricky excitedly makes arrangements for his new life with Scarlett and Sam, Sam is worried about telling Ricky Jr. that she’s leaving.

Threatening to tell the Brannings, Martin says the police must be told that Ricky Jr. is the father of Lily’s baby and a terrified Lily goes to find Ricky Jr. to break the news to him.

Rushing off, Ricky Jr. bumps into Sam and blurts it out. Blowing her chance to console him, Sam upsets Ricky Jr. by revealing that she's moving to Germany.

As the Slaters and Brannings have a big confrontation, harsh words are exchanged and whilst Sam is busy trying to make things right with Ricky Jr., Ricky chooses an engagement ring for Sam.

Given Ricky Jr.'s situation, Phil and Kat can’t believe that Sam still plans to go to Germany, and as she goes to the Brannings to explain why she has to go, Jack is furious as their son could face criminal charges.

Later, Jack apologises to Ricky Jr. for his anger and for neglecting him recently and when Sam sees them leaving for the police station, she feels awful and turns around to find Ricky down on one knee holding an engagement ring! What will Sam say?

When Jack and Ricky Jr. arrive at the police station for his interview, Sam later turns up to support her son and after Jack loses his temper, she sits in with Ricky at the interview, and he’s glad to have her there.

Back in Walford, Ricky is stressing that Sam is so late they might miss their plane. When she finally does arrive, Ricky chivvies her to get moving. Will Sam leave with Ricky and Scarlett?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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