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Lily is caught up in DRUGS DRAMA as Amy is rushed to hospital in EastEnders

And Martin demands to know where Lily got the drugs from.

As Lily, Nugget, Denzel and Amy plan a cinema trip, Lily is put out by Amy and Denzel’s flirting.

At Denise's birthday, when Stuart's bag of drugs falls from Jada's purse, Denise confiscates them before Lily steals the pills and desperate to impress Denzel, Amy takes half a pill.

Soon realising that the pills are missing, Denise heads in search of the group with Jack and they come across Amy, just as she collapses and immediately call for an ambulance.

As the paramedics attend to Amy, Jack and Denise watch on in despair whilst Martin pushes Lily to find out how Amy got her hands on the drugs.

Back at his stall, Martin waits anxiously for news on Amy and confronts Howie, after being adamant that it was Denzel who supplied Lily with the drugs.

Warning Lily to stay away from Denzel and Nugget as he no longer trusts her, Martin soon overhears Lily confessing to Eve and takes her to the salon to apologise to Howie. As Lily reveals the source of the drugs, Martin, Howie and Linda put pressure on Jada to share where she got the drugs.

After Lily delivers Denzel a well-deserved apology, they together, visit Amy in the hospital.

When Jack brings Amy back from the hospital, he keeps her apart from Denzel and cautioning the kids about drugs, asks Amy to keep her distance from Denzel and Nugget going forward.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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