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Lily makes a big decision in EastEnders following Ryan's arrival

But why has Ryan returned? And will Stacey be pleased to see him?

With half term in full swing, Lily and Whitney spend some quality time together on Whitney’s stall, but when Lily later starts to question Stacey about her father, Ryan, she's incensed that Whitney has influenced Lily’s questioning.

As Stacey and Whitney argue, a frustrated Whitney promises to let Stacey tell him when she’s ready. But when her test results for her baby are delayed for a further two weeks, Whitney is emotional and after some persuasion from Zack, decides to finally confide in Ryan. Whilst on the phone, her emotions get the better of her she reveals that Lily is pregnant.

Wracked with guilt, Whitney heads over to the Slater household to tell Stacey she told Ryan that his daughter was pregnant. But before she has time to reveal all, Stacey receives an unsettling phone call from Kat, who reveals that her van has been broken into.

Things go from bad to worse when Ryan arrives on the Square. Shocked, Stacey hears him out in the Café, before a sheepish Lily arrives to see her dad. As Lily enjoys quality time with her dad, Ryan offers to help them financially.

Later at The Vic, Ryan exchanges some harsh words with Jack and Sam.

At Lily's first scan, Sam, Ricky Jnr and Ryan arrive to support her which angers Stacey and before the scan, Ryan drops a bombshell.

During the scan, Lily and Ricky Jnr are overjoyed at seeing their baby, but following some harsh words between each other, Stacey and Ryan are quickly asked to leave.

Back at home, when Lily is upset with Stacey for her behaviour towards Ryan, she's reminded that Martin is her dad and the one who has always come through for her.

Feeling like a burden to Stacey, and conflicted by her family’s money issues, Lily makes a big decision.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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