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Linda and Phil dig for the truth about Rose's disappearance in EastEnders

What will they find?

At The Vic, Elaine is planning a ‘Battle of the Dads’ karaoke competition, whilst Linda, still suspicious of George, speaks to Phil about Rose’s disappearance.

After some persuasion, Phil agrees to find out what he can to ensure he’s not going into business with someone he can’t trust.

To put Linda's mind at rest, Phil convinces a reluctant Callum to search the police database. With a relatively clean record, Callum's investigations come to nothing, but when he looks up Rose, all access is denied. Overhearing this, Linda is convinced that this proves that George is dodgy.

Meanwhile, Phil invites George to spar at the Boxing Den and asks him directly about Rose. Insisting that Linda's got him wrong, George insists there’s nothing to tell.

Stalling to sign the deal with George, Phil ropes Richie in to dig up dirt on Rose.

Arriving at The Vic on the pretence that they will complete the contracts, Phil accuses George of not being straight with him. How will George convince him otherwise?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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