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Linda comes between Mick and Janine in EastEnders

Could she end up winning Mick back?

Janine feels dejected after Mick is drawn away by Linda who has had a call from Ollie’s school. And Sonia points out that Mick’s priority will always be his children, and she has to be okay with that.

Overhearing Jada sharing her concerns to Zack about Linda being drunk around the children, Janine encourages Jada to stand her ground and speak to Martin.

Understanding Jada’s concerns, Martin discusses the situation with Zack who says she has one more chance otherwise she’s out of the house.

Later, Zack gives Linda an ultimatum which leaves both Linda and Nancy shocked. She's to reduce her drinking or she's out! With Nancy reeling, Mick suggests they throw a Jubilee party in the Square and Janine offers to help.

In The Vic, Mick mentions the party and Linda interjects, sharing her enthusiasm. However, as they share some laughs, Mick catches himself and stops, leaving Linda feeling pushed out.

As she later searches through Mick’s phone, Linda sees that he has been researching intimacy issues. What will she do with this information?

After some harsh words from Janine, Linda returns to Sharon’s ready to drink, leaving Jada furious. And when Mick and Janine go on a date night, they run into a very drunk Linda.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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