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Linda convinces Joseph to move to Portugal with her in Corrie

But will Chesney let it happen?

Calling at No.5, Linda offers to pay for Joseph to attend the activity club, but as an excited Joseph heads off with Granny Linda, Bernie confides in Gemma that she doesn’t like Linda.

When she returns home with Joseph, Linda is greeted by Bernie who explains that two of the quads are ill and when Linda suggests Joseph can stay with her at her swanky hotel, Joseph’s thrilled.

After tentatively suggesting to Chesney that it’s clear they’re struggling, Linda tells him that it might be best if Joseph came to live with her in Portugal.

Furious, Chesney orders Linda out of the house and outside, Bernie rails at Linda and when Joseph approaches, Linda asks him outright if he’d like to come and live with her.

Later, in the cafe, Chesney makes it clear to Linda that she’s to stay away from Joseph in future. And as Gemma and Chesney discuss how best they can ensure Joseph’s happiness, Joseph listens from the stairs.

After misconstruing what they've said, Joseph thinks they don’t want him anymore and announces that he wants to live with Granny Linda. As Chesney begs him to reconsider, Gemma unwittingly lets slip to Linda that Joseph wants to live with her and Izzy tears a strip off Linda for trying to prise Joseph away from his family.

In the Rovers, Bernie and Linda trade insults while Fergus tries, but fails, to keep the peace and later, in the cafe, Joseph moans to Linda about his miserable life.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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