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Linda digs for dirt on George in EastEnders after his shock proposal to Elaine

But will she find any? And will Elaine say yes?

As a loved-up Elaine and George make themselves at home, Linda struggles with the Knight family invasion.

Confiding in Linda, Elaine tells her that Anna and Gina’s mother walked out on George and the family nine years ago and never looked back.

When Phil arranges a meeting with George to discuss a new pub, pie and fight collab between The Vic and The Boxing Den, Linda's nose is put out of joint and she later overhears George on the phone and realises he’s not yet sold his bar in Marbella, so has no money to support The Vic accounts.

As Linda furiously orders him and the girls out, George stuns Elaine and the rest of The Vic punters by proposing and Elaine can't decide how to respond. Convinced that George is a gold-digger, Linda begs her mum to end their relationship.

Later, George and Elaine have a heart-to-heart about their future, but will it be together or apart?

After making a discovery about George’s bar in Marbella that she believes is a game-changer, Linda confronts him. What will his response be?

Determined to find some dirt on George, Linda goes on a fact-finding mission by grilling the girls over lunch. But will she find any?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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