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Linda offers Mick a final way out on his wedding day in EastEnders

Will Mick take it and leave Janine waiting alone at the altar?

At The Vic, Janine is upset about moving, but Mick reassures her and promises to tell Linda soon. And Shirley overhears Janine making secret arrangements on the phone with someone called ‘Steve’.

When Janine later breaks the news to Scarlett that they’ll be leaving the pub, Scarlett worries that Mick will discover Janine’s lie and their lives will be ruined. And when Janine says Mick must never find out, she's unaware that Shirley has heard part of their conversation.

Quizzing Scarlett about Janine's secret, Shirley gets nowhere and sees Janine take another secretive call. That evening, Shirley decides to watch Die Hard, and Scarlett is horrified to see the photo of Frankie flutter out of the case. Grabbing it, Scarlett hides it in her diary.

As Mick and Ricky get ready to head out on his stag do, Shirley watches Janine like a hawk and when she slips away, Shirley follows.

Meanwhile, at the stag, Callum tries to talk to Mick about his lingering feelings for Linda, but Mick doubles down on marrying Janine.

Back at The Vic, Sonia helps Janine with her dress and tells her she doesn’t have to get married just because she’s pregnant. How will Janine respond?

When Linda advises Shirley to drop her vendetta and accept Mick’s marriage, Shirley insists that Janine is up to something shady. But does she have enough evidence to stop the wedding?

On the morning of Mick and Janine’s wedding, Shirley is the spectre at the feast and Mick asks everyone to leave so he can make some final touches alone.

And when Linda offers Mick a final way out of his wedding to Janine, will he take it?

As Janine awaits Mick's arrival at the registry office, will he turn up?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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